We build with
hands of steel

We are a team of over 270 people qualified to build high quality constructions. Throughout our path we have completed over 2,300 constructions all over the country.

58 years of history

Thanks to our working philosophy, our values, our quality and our pledge to deliver strong constructions, we have gained the trust of our clients since the beginning. We have transcended and accomplished an important presence all over Mexico, working with internationally renowned brands.

Where it all began

It was Raul Castilla Zamora who dreamed of an idea that is now a reality. Talleres y Servicios Castilla was the first name of the company when it was a small welding workshop in 1959, with just one welding machine and three workers, including Raul himself. They worked with the goal of manufacturing structural steel for important projects.

Castilla Estructuras has developed as a company that supports, reinforces and encourages the growth of its contributors, by promoting integrity, humility and honest work. It is and will continue to be an organization that instils the values that inspired Raul Castilla on the day he began his first work.

Looking ahead

The preparation and constant growth of our personnel makes us a team of professionals, trained to carry out projects of all kinds. Thanks to our extensive experience we are able to guarantee strong and functional constructions.

We aim to offer our services in all of Mexico, placing ourselves amongst the 5 main construction companies specialized in structural steel in the country. We are constantly developing new processes and technology in order to fulfil the needs of our international clients and continue to be a part of the growth and development of our country.